20 Nov 2023

DSEI Review Highlight

DSEI Review

Words by
Alex Carruthers
DSEI Logo 2023


On Page 21 of the DSEI Review, Advai's product launch of 'Advai Insight' is recapped. Advai's participation in DSEI 2023, a notable event in the defence and security sector, was a remarkable experience, aligning perfectly with our focus on innovative AI solutions. DSEI 2023 set a new benchmark, being the most successful edition in its 24-year history. 

The exhibition included a diverse range of exhibitors, from traditional defence industry giants to new entrants in the "Future Tech" zone, highlighting the evolving landscape of defence and security technologies. This mix of traditional and modern technological powerhouses provided a unique backdrop for Advai to showcase our AI Safety solutions.

Overall, DSEI 2023 was not just a showcase of military and defence technology but also a melting pot industry thought leaders, governments, and the entire defence & security supply chain. It was humbling to take part in such a landmark event we are reinforced in our commitment to drive innovation for UK defence and security.

Who are Advai?

Established in 2020, Advai is a leading UK Deep Tech specialist focussed on AI Safety and Security. We test and evaluate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems, enabling our customers to assure their Large Language Models, Computer Vision and other AI-enabled technologies for deployment in business-critical or regulated environments. 

Our tooling stress-tests, measures and improves AI robustness and real world performance, finding reliable operating boundaries and creating early warning systems to predict natural or adversarial issues. As one of the most successful companies to have come through the Defence and Security Accelerator, we work with both the UK Ministry of Defence and a range of safety-conscious enterprises.

Advai is a proud partner of the UK Government’s Frontier AI Taskforce, the research unit behind the world's first global AI Safety Summit.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please reach out to contact@advai.co.uk