Advai can help you de-risk, keep compliant and trust AI systems.   

Adopt AI with confidence.

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Advai Advance

What is your organisation's AI readiness? How do you manage your exposure to AI risks? Advai Advance assesses your AI systems and lets you know where you stand. 


An actionable roadmap for AI best practice.

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Advai Versus

Automates the tasks of stress-testing, red-teaming, and evaluating your AI systems for critical failure, to provide assurance and improvement. 


State of the art tools that plug into your MLOps workflow.

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Advai Insight

Your AI models are presented in a risk and compliance framework for monitoring against business objectives, global standards, and risk appetites. 


A dashboard to keep everyone informed and updated.

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Why Advai

As our work mostly consists of security, adversarial and UK Defence related work, we can't talk too much about what we do. Here's a little about how we do it.

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Cut through the hype

Stop guessing where issues lie. Our platform proactively identifies AI strengths and weaknesses. 

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Easy to use

Our intuitive platform allows you to run highly complex stress tests, across your full library, at just the click of a button. 

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Stakeholder Alignment

Data Scientists benefit from tooling that automates robustness workflows. Managers benefit from dashboarding that help them understand it.

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  • Easily access a library of stress tests, that highlight vulnerabilities, missed assumptions, and identify where you need to focus your attention to enhance your model.

  • Tame the AI hype and get grown-up metrics for AI systems. Don't just rely on accuracy. Use the Advai robustness metric to be able to benchmark and understand how your model will perform in different scenarios.

  • Using our expertise and technology we can support you in the cloud, on premise or anywhere you need to deploy your models

  • By understanding your AI models and data you can better defend against the next generation of AI attacks that look to exploit models and expose your data.

  • By understanding the limitations of your model, we can provide solutions that increase their performance and enable their use in production environments.

You can trust robust AI.

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