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Advai Insight

Advai Insight is designed for enterprise-level organisations requiring in-depth business insights and key performance indicators. It’s more than just dashboarding; it's a comprehensive bundle, formulated to cater to complex use cases and broader corporate needs. It provides monitoring solutions for all your models and risks, ensuring advanced insights into your AI's performance.


  1. Ideal For: Businesses aiming for advanced, enterprise-level insights into the performance and risks of their AI models.

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Key Features


  • //Comprehensive Dashboarding:
    Offers insights not just on a surface level, but in-depth analyses for complex use cases.

  • //Enterprise-Level Monitoring:
    Optimal for organisations that require monitoring solutions for all their models and risks.

  • //Risk and Compliance Functionality:
    A full-view dashboard that enables decision makers to assess model use against risk and compliance criteria.

  • //Business Insights:
    Understand your AI's performance with key performance indicators tailored to your needs.
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Advai Score

Testing when AI fails teases out areas of weakness – such as bias or vulnerability to attack. This knowledge implies how to make it stronger.

Estate Widget

Discover the conditions that cause a system not to work properly, then keep your use of it within those boundaries


Bad habits are learned. Identify any problems with the data used to train the system, so you can avoid biased results.

Compliance Widget

Ensure compliance with both local regulations and ethical principles.

Robustness Grid

Implement warning systems to detect attacks on the AI system, including malicious influence over your model or theft of your information.

AI deployment should follow these key principles.

You can trust robust AI.

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