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Advai Advance

Advai Advance is your preliminary step to fortifying AI in your organisation. It's an intensive discovery process, designed to assess and elevate your AI readiness, aligning your systems and priorities to ensure a safe, responsible, and secure AI integration. It's like a comprehensive audit, giving organisations clear insights into their current state and actionable steps to enhance their AI capabilities.


  1. If your organisation feels comfortable with your AI Safety stance, you can skip this step and proceed with our technical product Advai Versus.

  2. Ideal For: Organisations looking to understand and advance their AI capabilities responsibly and securely.

Dots Diagnal

Step one.

Key Features


  • //AI Readiness Assessment:
    Understand the state of your systems and identify priority areas.

  • //Expert Consultation:
    Direct engagement with stakeholders like CSOs, CIOs, CROs, and AI Team Leads for comprehensive insights.

  • //In-depth Report:
    Conclude with a detailed report providing recommendations and metrics on readiness, risks, and priorities.

  • //Flexibility:
    A month to 6 weeks of in-depth analysis, with the option to conclude post-report if desired.

  • //Expert Team:
    Our AI experts will delve deep to understand and enhance your AI capabilities.
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Dots Diagnal

We can work with you on your AI preparedness across a range of applications.

  1. Computer vision applications

    Classification, detection, segmentation.

  2. Natural language processing

    Auto generated text and speech.

  3. Optical character recognition.

    Interpretation of written information.

  4. Complex models

    Hybrid, combined and complex systems.

You can trust robust AI.

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